TerraScape: Charming Mix Of City Builder and Puzzle Game released

A captivating mix of city builder and puzzle game with beautiful visuals releasing in Q1 2023.

Relaxed, yet challenging gameplay mix starts in Early Access and invites players of all ages.

Independent German developer Bitfall Studios in partnership with German publisher Toplitz Productions today announced that their deck based city builder / puzzle game, TerraScape is now available on PC for Steam Early Access and GOG.com and includes challenges, single player and multiplayer game modes.

Taking a rather chilled, laid back approach to its puzzle formula for creating vast towns and cities, TerraScape players will utilize a unique card based approach to score points while formulating the city, town or shire of their dreams. The random selection of cards to draw from, and procedural maps and challenges means that budding designers will need to strategize how they expand their sprawling megalopolis creations.

The building cards in TerraScape offer different buildings and ways to expand a city and score points depending on where players initially place their buildings within the game map. Players can accumulate scoring opportunities by adding crops and turn villages into fully self-sustaining towns and cities by building industries like forestry, mines and fisheries. Wisely placing cards in the game world earns points and players receive new cards as rewards to further expand their cities.
Budding city planners will need to take into consideration the build order and where they place their building hexes to score essential points, since each building has different influences, be it other buildings, nearby natural resources, or terrain type. in TerraScape there are both positive and negative influences depending on where buildings are placed.

“We designed TerraScape to provide players with a relaxed and rewarding puzzle experience, that combined an innovative card deck system and city builder styled game that they can really invest their time and strategies into. We’re looking forward to developing the content and game modes further with the help of community feedback during early access.” Said Nico Pattmann, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitfall Studios GmbH.

About TerraScape Game

The game offers several game modes, procedural maps, and exciting challenges. In Early Access, TerraScape will be expanded with more decks, maps, and game modes in the future. Each building has different influences, be it other buildings, natural resources, or the right terrain. Earn bonus points by collecting as many positive influences as possible, but beware: there are also negative influences! By collecting points, you unlock new decks and buildings. Each deck consists of several building cards. Specialize by placing buildings of certain decks more often and cleverly, and thereby unlock more decks.

If you place your buildings well, you can draw new cards. But always keep an eye on your strategy and plan which cards you really need. Otherwise, you may draw buildings that are not useful for your current planning. The unique map generator creates new maps with endless possibilities! Also, play handcrafted missions with increasing difficulty and show your friends and the world that you are the best player in the high score list. Let yourself be captivated by the unique graphic style and lovingly designed landscapes. You set the pace, so sit back and enjoy the view.

About Toplitz Productions

The German-Austrian publisher, whose name originates from the mysterious Toplitz Lake in the heart of Austria, develops and publishes games with “heart & soul” for all platforms. The company consists of a healthy mix of experienced industry veterans and young talents, all of whom are passionate gamers. They enjoy working with creative developers on many exciting titles, such as those from the “Dynasty” and “Giant” series.
Stay up to date and learn everything worth knowing about Toplitz Productions by following the company on Twitter, Facebook, the official website and Instagram.

About Bitfall Studios

Bitfall Studios GmbH is a German developer studio and its team stretches from Fulda to Berlin. The studio, founded by Lara Klimm, Nico Pattmann, Felix Günther and Nico Wegner, stands and lives for passionate game visions and developments. With the upcoming release of “TerraScape” in 2023, Gamer can expect an intoxicating mix of innovative puzzle game and detailed city builder.


TerraScape Teaser EN

In TerraScape you build your own dream city. Each pack of cards in TerraScape offers different buildings and ways to expand your kingdom. Place your cards wisely in the game world to earn points and receive new cards as rewards!

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